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LED light source technology prospects and trends
[2009-06-06 09:26:53]

A long time, the LED luminous efficiency due to the reasons for the low, and their use is mainly concentrated in the area of a variety of shows. With the ultra-high-brightness LED (in particular the white LED) the emergence of applications in the lighting possible. According to authoritative international institutions predict that the twenty-first century will be entered to represent a new type of LED lighting era, known as the new fourth-generation light sources.

(A) prospects and development trends

Currently, lighting consumes the entire power consumption of about 20%, significantly reduce lighting energy consumption is an important way to save, in order to achieve this goal the research and development of the industry has many kinds of energy-efficient lighting equipment, and achieve a certain degree of effectiveness. However, from the "green lighting" requirement is still far from enough, the development and application of more efficient, reliable, safe, durable light source must be new. Its inherent advantages of LED is to attract the attention of the world. The United States, Japan and Taiwan and other countries on the benefits of LED lighting has been forecast, the United States 55% incandescent and 55% of the LED lamps were replaced by 35 billion U.S. dollars annual savings of electricity, the annual loss of 755 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Japan, 100% replaced incandescent LED, can be reduced 1 to 2 nuclear power plant generating capacity, an annual saving of more than one billion liters of crude oil consumption. 25% in Taiwan and 100% of the incandescent lamps were replaced by white-light LED, an annual saving of 11 billion kWh. As early as 1998 in Japan on the establishment of "21 Century", in view of the new century with LED lighting sources to carry out practical research. In recent years, Nichia Chemical of Japan, Toyoda Gosei, SONY, JU electrician LED lighting products have already come out. World-renowned lighting companies such as Philips, Osram, GE also invested a large amount of manpower and material resources for LED lighting products, research and development and production. GE and EMCORE U.S. companies to set up a new company specializing in the development of white LED, to replace the incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, and automotive. OSRAM in cooperation with Siemens AG to develop LED lighting system. Taiwan's LED production is second only to Japan in the United States before the start in 1998 from 600 million related to the development of NT.

LED development has several decades of history, but in lighting applications or new technologies. With the rapid development of LED technology, which gradually increase the luminescence efficiency, LED application market will become even more widely, particularly in the global energy shortage concerns against the backdrop of rising again, LED lighting market in the prospect of a more global attention has been industry that in the next 10 years to become the most promising markets as well as the largest market will be to replace the incandescent lamp, tungsten and fluorescent products of the greatest potential.

(B) lighting applications, the main technical issues

In recent years, LED light-emitting efficiency is gradually increased, the commercialization of the device has reached the level of incandescent, LED Landscape using white fluorescent light-emitting close to the level of efficiency and steady growth. However, in the universal application of lighting there are still some technical problems:

First, flux remains to be further improved. The use of LED lighting as a light source, must be able to issue more light, must have higher energy efficiency.

Second, LED light with natural light there is still a certain gap. Incandescent lamp with a very strong element of the yellow light, giving a warm feeling. Issued by the white LED light white with a blue component, in which the illumination light, the people's vision is not very natural.

Third, higher prices. The impact of this is the main reason for popularity of LED lighting. However, in recent years for the improvement of chip technology, manufacturing costs are falling sharply, and the last three years the price of LED decreased by nearly 50%, is moving its high efficiency, low cost development, which the field of LED lighting applications in provided favorable conditions. In addition, cost can also be better to make up for less than cost price.

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