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LED industry doing better and better street lighting and solar energy into a hot
[2009-06-05 14:11:22]

Although in the actual applications, solar LED street lamp has never been a real marketing sense, but in a technical point of view, a few years ago it was a very popular industry technologies, and there are products, and even large-scale demonstration project appear. However, as LED technology advances in a relatively more rapid and cost-effective improvement, solar LED street lamp because the design can not be solved fundamentally, inherent defects, making the ideal of "competitive advantage" has been gradually offset by the in technology and industrial development are getting better lighting of the LED lamps are more independent development, and application of solar energy is no longer a combination of its technical research and the promotion of a hot industry.

     LED solar energy and the need for each other

     Once hot, we can understand, because from a technical point of idealism, it is indeed a very attractive technology, which portrays the application could be "perfect" to describe: a one-time investment, long-life and low maintenance costs of LED lighting is not the cost of cabling which are not subject to geographical constraints, can be as easy asnot inexhaustible electricity costs and so on non-polluting energy.

     In addition to the ideal, in fact, solar energy and semiconductor lighting technology of these two hot spots, each has indeed hit it off with each other, need each other grounds:

     Of solar energy technology, the lighting is not its most important applications of the applications, nor is it the best demonstration that the application of advantage, but on its manifestations as a source of energy for lighting in the most intuitive, most likely to be public awareness and acceptance of . And in the current level, a solar energy technology as the high cost, low efficiency can not be avoided, particularly in the monomer of lighting applications, such as non-use of LED technology, and design in accordance with the volume ratio of conventional solar lighting systems, often have to face its conversion of electrical energy is not sufficient power supply to the embarrassment of lamps. In this sense, LED because of its visual effects of the same advantages of low power, in the work of DC-free advantages, such as inverters, with solar energy has become the first choice for lighting applications.

     Of LED technology into the general lighting market is the ultimate goal, which due to the characteristics of product performance, street lamps application is the most important breakthrough. However, in street applications, a few years ago the cost of very expensive high-power LED, even though there are energy saving, long life, safe and pollution-free technical advantages are not sufficient to offset the cost with conventional street lighting in the great disadvantage, the promotion can only be built on the "Application Model" on the basis of the sale is to a large extent "concept" rather than products, there is no way of taking the market route. Combination with the application of solar energy seems to be a breakthrough: First of all, and despite the one-time investment in solar energy combined with higher costs, but as the concept of "selling points" of the significance of a more prominent, and the promotion of their own solar-powered model of a market demand for this; Secondly, In combination with the use of solar energy, LED technology compared to other lighting technology advantage, not only the issue of power and, more importantly, is based on its own can take some of the characteristics of technical means (such as current and brightness adjustment) can be further reduced compared to under the more expensive solar energy systems and the allocation of the cost of batteries.

     Defects can not be avoided in practical applications

     However, in the actual research and applications, solar LED street lamps inherent defects can not be avoided it is difficult to overcome:

     The first is set to "energy saving and environmental protection" as the main selling point of the system, there are a lot of its own waste problem of the allocation of resources. Because the street lamp products are mandatory standards, including the "shortage rate" indicators, it does not allow products such as landscape lighting can not encountered the work of rain days. As a result, the design from a technical point of view, for energy collection and storage must be the most ideal weather conditions (sunshine time is short the season, consecutive rainy days, etc.) based on, so that the use in most conditions, Most of the energy configuration (solar cells) and storage devices are idle, not only the system costs are high, and with the system itself to be energy-saving and comprehensive utilization of the performance is also run counter to the theme.

     In addition, some may seem relatively simple technical problems in practical application also needs a relatively high cost of inputs to address, including: first, focus on management issues, if we do not use electrical circuits, it is difficult to achieve on the street is more important for the centralized management and remote monitoring, but if re-allocation of electric lines, not only increase the cost of products in the "selling points" on the meaning has also weakened; Secondly, the solar battery life, battery life, as well as other control components are often lower than the LED life of the issue of life, which brought the whole system in order to achieve long life in fact, need to solve many problems, will also have a relatively high maintenance costs; Third, due to the use of DC battery systems very easily stolen, so anti-theft system is also a big problem. There is also a high degree of general installation of solar cells is relatively high weight design problems of the wind on the poles will also have a capacity to increase the cost, etc. All these problems are solar LED lighting systems can not be a fundamental solution to the.

     And the corresponding, with the LED to reduce product costs, the use of the city of LED lamps for electricity is increasing the cost-effective in light of its life, the core areas of power-saving advantages in the cost of the solar spin-off system, its one-time investment cost can be reduced to market-oriented applications to acceptable level. With its "energy" product on the advantages of the concept and the relevant government departments to promote the application of the pace has started from the "popularization" to the true meaning of the "marketing", the follow-up with technological advances, the standard sound widely prospects for applications is becoming clear.

     In the foreseeable future, independent of the LED street lighting has been getting better, but the combination of solar energy application is no longer a hot spot.

Of course, that the technology is no longer hot, it does not mean that there is no meaning or no prospects for development. On the one hand, solar-powered LED lighting in a number of specific occasions (islands, scenic Peak, remote locations, etc.) is still obvious advantages, including the demonstration application is also of positive significance, it is still very significant technical study; On the other hand, landscape lighting ( yard lamp, lawn lamp, etc.) as well as the possible future of solar energy systems to promote the regional network focused on the areas of mining-powered applications, the technology and market are promising.

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