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Changzhou MARUCHO Opto Technology Co., Ltd is Located in Changzhou National High-tech District, which has an excellent position and convenient transportation.

Under the new situation of energy-saving and emissions-reducing, Wanzhang Opto Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated in R&D, production and sales of LED lighting and visible light communications. We have a professional R&D and management team in the area of LED lighting, and they have acquired patents for many items and core technology. At the same time, our company has invited many scientists from famous universities and researching institutes as members of the Committee of Science and Technology. The researchers and doctors who once took part in the ¡°863¡±plan from the opto Lab of Beijing University of Technology give us consultation and guide.

The company has an area of more than 35 acres of high-standard factory. Advanced production and R & D testing equipments ensure quality and innovation of our products. A team of high-quality and professional staff devote themselves into guaranteeing customers with high-quality products and satisfying after-sales service. Our main products are LED tube, spotlight, bulbs, down light, flood light, fence light, wall washer light and modules, etc. Most of them have gained CE, ROHS certification and so on. What¡¯s more, our products have a certain market in Japan, and we have more than 250 agents there, such as NKK, Imperial Hotel, NTT, Nippon steel, NYK, etc.

We believe in ¡°Integrity Management, Continual Innovation¡±, and will strengthen technical progress constantly, focus on the team-building to create an internationally competitive company.

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